Marion Bulldogs vs. Devine Warhorses @ AT&T Center - Dec. 19, 2014


The Marion Bulldogs Varsity Boys Basketball Team will be playing at the AT&T Center before the San Antonio Spurs play the Portland Trailblazers on December 19th! We need to sell 75 tickets. Tickets are $33.00 &/or $45.00. We also have 5 tickets available for $79.00. The ticket you purchase will get you into the Marion vs. Devine game (2:30 p.m.), and in the Spurs vs. Trailblazers game (7:00 p.m.) You will get floor seating for the Marion game, but will have to move to appropriate seat that is stated on you ticket for the Spurs game. Coach Allen has the tickets, so if you are interested please see Coach Allen &/or contact him at (210)259-3838 or by email – with the number of tickets you want, and the type of tickets you want. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING YOUR MARION BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM!